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2021-2022 School Break Camps - Sparks 

Limited Spots
School Year
Oct 4 ’21
Mar 25 ’22

2021-2022 School Break Camps

Fall Break Camp October 4th-8th (camp will take place at Jerry Whitehead Elementary School0

Winter Break Camp December 20th through December 31st (2 weeks)

Spring Break Camp March 14-18th (camp at Jerry Whitehead); March 21-25th (camp at Excel)

***Please do not register for weeks that you do not need. Once you are registered for a week of camp we will assume that you are committed to that week and we are planning accordingly. That also means that you will be financially responsible for the weeks you are registered for as well. If you do not know what you need due to vacation plans do not register for those weeks of camp until you are sure you will need it.*** If you register for a week by accident please contact us immediately so we can get you removed.

Please be advised that I will email everyone the week prior to the next for reminders, updates etc.  It is VERY important for you to read our emails.

Please note that email is best way to communicate with us. Staff will have cell phones and access to emails on-site and on field trips. If you need to contact Lacey (Child Care Director), please email her, since we are away from the office phone most of the time. She has access to her email at all times and will monitor it consistently throughout the day. Lacey's email is  If you would like her personal cell phone number please email her and she will be happy to share it!

Camp Prices:

Weekly Camp - $135/week.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we will no longer be able to offer drop-ins at camp. Full-time campers only.

Hours of operation:

7:00 am- 6:00 pm. If you pick up AFTER 6:00 pm you will be charged $1/minute you are late. This must be paid IN CASH and before dropping your child off the next day. So please be sure to be there ON TIME.

Camp will be CLOSED Friday, July 5th. Tuition will not be prorated.

Drop off/pick up:

Excel Christian or Jerry Whitehead Elementary School

850 Baring Blvd.

Sparks, NV 89434

You will drop your child off in the brick building behind the main building...if we somewhere else than in that building (gym, outside, park), we will leave a note. You need to walk your child into the building. 

Signing in/out your child:

Please be sure to sign your child in/out EVERY morning and afternoon. Children CANNOT sign themselves in! There will be a clip board at the door. Also, when picking your child up we require an ID so please be sure you (and your authorized pickups) have them when they pick up. If they are not on your list, they will not be allowed to take your child so be sure to add anyone you would like to have on your list. 

Daily needs:

Please have your children pack a backpack. Please bring extra clothes, water bottles, lunches etc. Please be sure your children are dressed appropriately we will be outside a lot.

Also, please be sure to check the lost and found area daily, we have a lot of clothes that are left behind.


Every child must have a sack lunch everyday unless we are having a pizza party which we will have on Monday's each week (unless noted). Pizza days cost $5/ child. They will receive 2 slices of either cheese or pepperoni (or one of each), juice box, fruit and cookies. If you choose not to participate please just provide a lunch for your child:) Snacks are provided in the afternoon.


Tuition is due the Friday PRIOR to the new week- there will be a $35 late fee assessed to your account if you do not pay by Monday morning. We are more than happy to make payment arrangements, but we do need you to communicate with us and follow through on your arrangements. The tuition MUST be paid BEFORE you drop your child off. Payments can be made online with a credit card by logging into your account OR via Check or money order. Please make payments out to NNSR. Although if you MUST pay via cash that is fine too. 

Accident/Incident Reports:

Will be filled out as needed- we will call/email if it is more serious. We require that parents sign incident reports to ensure awareness of any situation. We will also provide a copy to the parent who is picking the child up for that day.


Please be sure to advise us of any allergies your children may have. If they have food allergies we encourage you to pack extra snacks along with any medications/epi pens etc. You will also need to fill out a medical authorization form/action plan form before leaving your child at camp.


If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or vomiting they MUST be out for 24 hours. If they are feeling under the weather and cannot participate in the daily activities, they must be picked up. If they are not feeling well please keep them home, we do not want to spread any illnesses at camp.

Field Trips:


We will combine MOST of our Field trip days with all groups (K-8th).  Please remember field trips are always subject to change but will always be notified by email. Please be sure your child has all the necessary items for each field trip- (Camp Shirts, Waivers Signed, Socks, Extra Clothes etc.). I will remind you in our weekly emails as well. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THESE!!! If your child does not have the necessary items they will not be allowed to participate in the field trip and in some cases, may need to be picked up.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices:

Are PROHIBITED! Please keep your children's devices AT HOME! If they must have their cell phones they MUST stay in their backpack and not take them out. If they need/want to call their parents, they just need to ask, and we will allow it in the office. If this is a problem I will take them and keep them in my office until they are picked up. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Please remember we understand that kids will be kids. If we have issues that we inform you of, we would appreciate it if you could follow up with them at home and remind them of our rules at camp. Please help us maintain a positive camp experience for EVERYONE. If there is a continued issue that cannot be resolved there will be consequences such as missing out on fun activities, special guests, field trips and even expulsion from camp. No refunds will be made for disciplinary actions caused by bad behavior. If your child is excluded from a field trip you must find alternate care for your child as we will not have staff to stay back with them.

We are looking forward to all the fun we have planned!! You will receive the weekly reminders (even if you are not scheduled to come) in case you choose to do a drop in (if there are spots available). 

You can also find the Field Trip Calendar online!!

If you have any further questions, please contact me at

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