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Before & After School Program - Excel (2021-22)  BASP

School Year
Aug 16 ’21
Jun 10 ’22

Welcome to Northern Nevada Sports and Recreations Before and After School Program.  Our program provides children the opportunity to participate in organized group games, free play, homework time, outside play and art projects. Below you will find some general information about out our program.  Should you need further information please contact Lacey Sundeen at or you can call the office at 775-360-4160.   

We will open registration the last week of the month for the upcoming month.  Once you are registered, you are committed to our program and the associated fees that go with it.  Our space is limited so please only register for what you need and are willing to pay in full for. We are happy to announce that we are accepting drop-ins although we are asking families to register the week prior and still pay the Friday, Prior to receive our early registration rate.  If it is last minute or done after Friday, there will be a $10 late registration fee assessed to each account/day pending on your schedule.

The program fees as of August 2021 are as follows:

In order to receive the Early Payment Discount, payment for NNSR must be made no later than 6 pm on Friday, the week prior to the dates of attendance. If payment for the upcoming week is not received by the Friday prior, regular program fees will apply.

Early Payment Discount: (Payment must be paid by the Friday PRIOR before 6 pm):Regular Program Fees: (Payment made AFTER 6 pm on the Friday PRIOR):
Before School ONLY (M-F)
Before School ONLY (M-F)
After School ONLY (M-F) $40/WeekAfter School ONLY (M-F) $45/Week
Before AND After School (M-F) $55/WeekBefore AND After School (M-F) $60/Week
Before School Only $7/dayBefore School Only $10/day
After School Only $10/dayAfter School Only $20/day
Before and After School $15/dayBefore and After School $25/day
Early Release $20/dayEarly Release $30/day

As of right now our program will be available on the 3rd Thursday of each month (for early release) at no additional cost, for full time families.  Please note, we do not offer refunds or credits for any nonattendance and for any school closure due to any circumstances.  Space is limited so we suggest registering early to ensure a space for your child.  Although, homework time is part of the curriculum, this is not a tutoring or homework club.  We look forward to providing a safe, healthy environment for Excel students to enjoy some activities and connect with their peers.

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